My Time with the Chimps: Yoko

Yoko has a bit of a reputation. He’s the smallest chimp at Fauna, but he more than makes up for his size with his outsized "personality." You see, Yoko has bitten off more chimpanzee digits than anyone else at Fauna. As Gloria says, “If Yoko was a warrior in some ancient tribe, he’d be the one wearing the necklace of severed fingers and toes.”

But as Gloria also points out, “Yoko is so much more than a bully.” I learned this first-hand one afternoon, after a long cleaning day, as I was watching Binky explore one of the outdoor island habitats at Fauna.

Yoko appeared in the chimphouse doorway. I said hello to him, but he wasn’t paying any attention to me. He had spotted Binky, who at that moment was climbing the stairs to one of the play structures. Yoko seemed spellbound by the sight of Binky, who was oblivious to Yoko’s presence.

Binky and Yoko have a bit of a history. They get into quite a few fights with each other, and some of these fights can be very rough. Knowing this, I began to fear the worst as Yoko slowly loped his way over to the bottom of the play structure.

By the time Yoko got there, Binky had turned to face him. For one long moment, the two chimpanzees just stared at each other. I instinctively reached for the walkie-talkie on my hip. Any second now, I thought, I’ll have to report a fight breaking out.

Binky slowly descended the stairs. Yoko didn’t move. The spell between them remained unbroken until Binky reached the grass. And then, as if someone had blown a whistle, Binky started chasing Yoko. Yoko didn’t stand a chance. Binky caught him in just a few steps. And it’s what happened next that convinced me the chimps of Fauna sanctuary might know more about relationships than us humans.

Yoko threw himself onto the grass and rolled over onto his back. Binky grabbed one of Yoko’s back legs. And for the next ten minutes, Binky dragged the diminutive Yoko around the island habitat by his leg. Whenever they passed me, I could hear both of them huffing their glorious chimpanzee laughter. The two were playing with each other. They were having a ball. And as they did so, Yoko appeared the furthest thing from a warrior.

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(photo: Frank Noelker)