People magazine gives The Chimps 4 out of 4 stars!

Shania Twain may be on the cover (and rightly so), but inside the May 23rd issue of People magazine is a lovely little review of The Chimps, including a stellar 4 out of 4 stars rating. Here's what they had to say: "As a volunteer at Fauna Sanctuary, a haven for 13 traumatized chimps rescued from biomedical labs, Westoll blended smoothies and played with the apes, witnessing an astonishing resilience as they learned to trust and interact once more. His moving book shows that "no matter what kind of trauma we've gone through, we all have the capacity to recover and to help others heal."

Quill and Quire gives The Chimps a starred review

"Only the most intransigent heart will be unmoved...." So begins the Quill and Quire's glowing, starred review of The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary. The review, by Emily Donaldson, continues: "In Westoll's hands, Fauna's 13 chimps - each ravaged by years, sometimes decades, of staggeringly cruel experimentation - are drawn as vividly as characters from the best literature, leaving us with no doubt about their profound sentience." Once again, I am humbled by the support this book is receiving prior to arriving in the world. Onwards to May!