Film Club 03 – The dog who swims with dolphins

Maybe it's the James Taylor (ok, it's probably the James Taylor), but the first time I saw this video I wanted to weep. Then, having got ahold of myself, I had three thoughts: 1. How the heck did these two first meet?

2. Do dolphins secretly snicker at the doggy-paddle?

3. If a Labrador and a dolphin can become best of friends, why can't my dog Max handle more than 10 seconds at the dog-park before he starts barking, whimpering and hiding behind my legs?

What does this video make you think?

Film Club 02: Pheasant

At risk of alienating all my vegetarian friends out there, I just can't resist posting this video. It's very funny, but if you can stop laughing for a moment, it's also rather disturbing. That's exactly what we look for here at the New Animalist Film Club. (Please feel free to excoriate me with comments.)

Film Club 01: Panda

The first installment of the New Animalist Film Club, videos that make you laugh or think (or both) about the human/animal relationship: